Soprano Professor Dr. Michelle Vought,
recognized for her expertise, has performed and lectured in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Ireland, Canada, and throughout the United States, Ireland, Brazil and Canada.

The soprano produced and starred in the
world premiere of Nancy Van de Vate's
operaWhere the Cross is Made in which she created the role of Sue Bartlett.



"Michelle Vought made her Micaela
feminine and simple of heart (but not of
mind), and drew warm applause for her
Act III area.
-The Asheville Citizen

"...the clearest, richest of all-around
performances were turned in by Michelle
Vought as Flora, the girl..."
-The Cincinnati Enquirer



Known for her innovative programming
and artistic versatility, Michelle is
especially recognized for the creation of
her one woman show, Madame
Monsieur. She commences the show
as Madame Diva and returns for second
half as Monsieur Divo in dapper, dashing
male attire.

This fast-paced, unique show has met
with rave reviews wherever performed as
it is extremely entertaining and fun.


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